Territorial attractivieness : Mirages, shifts and anchors : Wirtschaft | Juni 2016

International seminar proceedings on the driving force of attractivieness


Territorial attractiveness is often perceived as its ability to capture external resources. Facing widespread competition to attract new businesses, factors of production and skilled labour, territories compete in a game that is most often zero sum. Mirage?

With economic globalization, mobility at the heart of the values and functioning of our societies, interdependencies have increased between territories: this perception of attractiveness and the tools to support it appear insufficient. Shift?

How to take into account this new context of scarce public funding in an institutional landscape recomposed around the cities and major regions? It therefore seems useful to mobilise new postures, other concepts. For example, responding to widespread mobility through a policy of networking and alliances transforming traditional perimeters, or to recognise mutual contributions to increase development opportunities. Think anchors differently?

In two roundtable discussions, this day enabled reconsidering the springs of attractiveness and on this basis to revisit the organisation of public action. Based on short presentations by researchers and practitioners, from their own experience the elected officials – keynote speakers – reacted in a discussion with the audience. The elements of their solution are presented in this document.

Territorial attractivieness : Mirages, shifts and anchors


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